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Access to CHAIN

How does access to CHAIN work?

There are two types of access to CHAIN:

Inputting access - this is for outreach teams, hostels and selected day centres in London who record information about the people they work with. CHAIN records can only be created by outreach teams - all records start with someone being contacted on the street. Other workers add information to records created by outreach workers. To be provided with inputting access a new member of staff needs to attend CHAIN training with the CHAIN team at St Mungo's Broadway.

View only access - Some agencies and projects who do not contribute data to CHAIN find it helpful to be able to view information about their clients and find out about their contact with outreach workers.

How do organisations get CHAIN access?

Only organisations that work directly with individual rough sleepers are able to have access to CHAIN. Other organisations, for example policy organisations, may request aggregate data from the system by emailing chain@broadwaylondon.org if the information they need is not covered by published CHAIN reports available on this website.

Inputting access

Outreach teams commissioned by local authorities to work specifically with rough sleepers on the streets in London have inputting access as do hostels who work with rough sleepers on a regular basis. In some areas with high levels of rough sleeping day centres also have inputting access. Day centres can request inputting access by emailing chain@broadwaylondon.org . They should ensure that their local outreach team and relevant local authority officer are supportive of their application before contacting the CHAIN team.

View only access

View only access can be requested by organisations in London working directly with rough sleepers. When the CHAIN team get a request for access these are discussed with the relevant Local Authority Officer and the GLA. If you are requesting access you should ensure your Local Authority lead on rough sleeping is aware of this and supportive of your request. 

Organisations will be provided with access where:

  • They are working with one or more local authorities to reduce rough sleeping
  • They are working closely with their local outreach team if appropriate
  • They have Criminal Records Bureau checked staff
  • Staff work directly with rough sleepers on a regular basis and specialise in work with this group in particular
  • The work undertaken is relevant to CHAIN e.g. linking clients with other services - not all those working with rough sleepers need to know the information held on CHAIN 
  • The Chief Executive or Director has signed the CHAIN data sharing protocol
  • They are operating within London.

Please note that local authority Housing Options Teams are not provided with CHAIN access - information relating to a homelessness application should be sought from an outreach team who can provide a more detailed, tailored account of a person's circumstances.

If you would like to request view only access this please download the file below and complete it with as much detail as possible. Email the completed form to chain@broadwaylondon.org

Download View Only Access Request Form

Accessing information about rough sleepers where CHAIN access is not appropriate

Some organisations occasionally need information about individual rough sleepers. In these cases it is not appropriate to allow full access to the CHAIN system as it would provide access to a lot of personal information that is not required by staff. In these instances the best course of action is to contact the outreach team who has been working with the individual or who is operating in the area the person is sleeping in.  The list below provides details of outreach teams operating in London.


Outreach Teams




CHC Brent

John Doocey

020 8208 8590

Barking & Dagenham

London Street Rescue

Gareth Mercer

0870 383 3333


London Street Rescue

Gareth Mercer

0870 383 3333


CRI Camden

Yanina Sochacki

0207 833 7970

New Horizon YC and Outreach

Dean Harrris

020 7388 5580

City of London

City Rough Sleepers

Joe Batty 

0207 549 8252


Croydon Reach

Jane Papafio

020 8680 3700


Ealing SPOT 

Elizabeth Ursell

0208 832 7337


London Street Rescue

Gareth Mercer

0870 383 3333

Hammersmith & Fulham

Hammersmith & Fulham SORT

Peter Harte

0870 383 3311


London Street Rescue

Gareth Mercer

0870 383 3333


London Street Rescue

Gareth Mercer

0870 383 3333


London Street Rescue

Gareth Mercer

0870 383 3333


Pilion Trust

Savvas Panas

0207 700 2498

Kensington & Chelsea

Kensington & Chelsea SIT

Rachel Merriman

0207 361 3384

Kingston Upon Thames

London Street Rescue

Gareth Mercer

0870 383 3333


Lambeth SORT

Will Norman

0870 383 3300


London Street Rescue

Gareth Mercer

0870 383 3333


London Street Rescue

Gareth Mercer

0870 383 3333


Redbridge Outreach Service

Lou Holland

0208 911 7470


SPEAR Outreach

Sam Fairs-Billam

0208 404 1483


Southwark SPOT

Eammon Egerton 

0207 902 7941


London Street Rescue

Gareth Mercer

0870 383 3333

Tower Hamlets

London Street Rescue

Gareth Mercer

0870 383 3333


Equinox Wandsworth Outreach

Walter Boyle

0208 870 3798 


BBS St Mungo's

Karen Davey

0207 724 9256


Beki Winter

0207 925 7895

BBS Passage

Midori Hol

0207 592 1869

Westminster Compass

Hannah Hunter

0207 630 2380














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