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Rights and Respect Anti Bullying Campaign

Broadway merged with St Mungo's on 1 April 2014 to form St Mungo's Broadway. You can find out more about our client services on our new website here.

All clients in Broadway services set up before the merger have access to a freephone anti-bullying support line that they can call for advice and support if they are being builled or harrassed: 0800 298 9086.

This service is staffed by ex-clients, but it is not a 24 hour service. If you reach the answerphone, please do leave a message and a trained volunteer will call you back on the next working day, Monday to Friday.

Rights and Respect

We are committed to making sure there is a culture of anti-bullying across all our services.

We call this culture ‘Rights and Respect’. The Rights and Respect Charter was created by clients, for clients.

The Rights and Respect Client Charter

  1. Everybody has the right to be treated fairly
  2. Respect people’s differences
  3. Be aware of how your behaviour impacts on others
  4. Everybody has something to teach, respect each other’s
  5. Be welcoming towards new and current residents
  6. Respect each other’s need for privacy
  7. Respect the house rules
  8. Don’t take advantage
  9. Listen and be listened to
  10. Have consideration for others

Our staff work to ensure that clients are safe and happy in their accommodation and that bullying and harassment is not tolerated.

Staff will always intervene if they think that bullying is happening. But staff do not always know if bullying is taking place.

What is bullying?

Bullying and harassment can take many forms.

It can vary from ‘borrowing’ money, cigarettes, phones or other possessions and not returning them, to banging on doors, using people’s rooms to take drugs and physical violence and sexual exploitation.

It can be comments about someone’s race or religion; their skin colour or their sexuality.

Just because some bullying appears to be subtle, such as ‘jokey’ comments, banging on walls and doors, asking for cigarettes; this does not mean that it is acceptable.

How to report bullying

If you feel you are being bullied in any way, you should report this to any member of staff.

If you know that bullying is going on you should also report this to a staff member.

Everything you say will be treated in strict confidence. No other residents will know that you have reported bullying.

Broadway will make sure that bullying is dealt with quickly and thoroughly and without ‘comebacks’ from the bully.

We recognise that reporting incidents of bullying and harassment can be a difficult step to take, but you don’t need to suffer in silence.

Everyone has the right to live in Broadway accommodation and to work towards independence without having to put up with anyone bullying them.

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