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15 Half Moon Court, Bartholomew Close, London, EC1A 7HF, 020 7710 0550




Chris Woodman - Broadway Supporter

Chris Woodman – Individual supporter

Why I support Broadway:

“My former employer was very strong in its support for charities at both a global level and at a local level. I saw how engaged people could be when given the opportunity to raise money or contribute towards causes which they believed in. When I formed my own company, Leadenhall Consulting, I wanted to ensure that we were supporting one specific cause as part of the fabric of doing business.  

I first became aware of Broadway through their fundraising “Battle of the Bands” competition and was keen to find out more. I arranged a visit to the Broadway Centre and the charity’s office at the Barbican. I liked what I saw. The staff were committed, they have won numerous awards for HR excellence and they have a clear sighted approach to helping people back into self sustaining independence.  

It is incredibly sad that in a City of such wealth and culture there are people living on the streets, and given that most of my business is based in the City it struck me that I should support an organisation that is close to home.  

At least now when I confronted by homelessness in our city, I know that I am not turning away, and am making a small and modest contribution to an organisation that really cares.”










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