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Glenn Guest- Broadway Supporter

Glenn Guest is gifting the proceeds of his debut novella Babsolutley: an Unscheduled Heart Affair to Broadway. You can buy it on Amazon now, to enjoy on your smartphone, iPad or Kindle for only £1.53.

Why I Support Broadway:
The sheer volume of homeless people in Soho alone alarms me: when I’m heading home from work, I see these poor people begging - loads of them, on every street, outside every bar.  I give them food or money where I can, but I wanted to do something more concrete and lasting.

So I came up the concept of the mobela - a story long enough to get your teeth into, but short enough to be enjoyed on a smart phone. Great on a Kindle or iPad too. All you have to do is download the free Kindle App on your smartphone, then you can download Babsolutely in seconds.  
Amazon gives 70% royalty per unit - that’s just over a pound a copy.

Over the next twelve months, I’m hoping to make ten grand for Broadway. That would be amazing; I won’t rest till I’ve made it happen. The story has got nothing to do with homelessness: it’s a comedy set in a nightclub, starring a very confused young DJ. It’s a bit controversial: I’m told it’s very funny. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but I’m doing whatI can.

I just wanted to use my creativity and writing ability to do some good, to help people who need it most. I host a comedy and live music night too, Heart & Lung Unit, which will be partnering with Broadway on some fundraising events in the near future.










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