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Our Work

Broadway's research and evaluation projects focus on improving and developing services for homeless and vulnerable people. The team uses a range of methodologies including:

  • Workshops
  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Data analysis
  • Observations

To increase the quality of our research, people who have experienced homelessness themselves are involved in the design and delivery of projects wherever possible. Research is informed by Broadway's experience of service delivery and of managing information from CHAIN and the Clearing House.

Broadway delivers a range of projects - some are grant funded and others are commissioned.

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Broadway merged with fellow homelessness charity St Mungo's on 1 April 2014 to form St Mungo's Broadway.

All research projects and references on these pages relate to Broadway research compiled and completed before this date.


Recent Reports and current projects

No Second Night Out - A study of mid-term outcomes

Keeping Work – Homeless people’s experiences of starting and staying in work.

Rough sleepers health and healthcare - A review of the health needs and healthcare costs of rough sleepers in the London boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster

Personalistation in services - In depth reviews of five projects providing personalised support for homeless people (ongoing)

Boredom and Homelessness - How can homeless hostel residents be supported to overcome boredom?’

No Second Night Out - A review of the first 6 months of the No Second Night Out project

Voices of Experience - How people who drink on the streets can make positive changes in their lives.

Personalised support for rough sleepers - an evaluation of a pilot project offering personalised budgets to long-term rough sleepers.

Asylum & Immigration - people who are rough sleeping who are in the following situations: they have had requests for asylum rejected, are in the UK illegally or have recently  left asylum support accommodation.

Bullying and harassment - Research and recommendations for hostels and supported housing

Private Lives - The experiences of formerly homeless people resettled into the private rented sector by Real Lettings

Profiling London's Rough Sleepers - Reporting on the 13,000 who have slept rough in London since the late 1990s

Longer Term Outcomes - What happens to Broadway's clients after resettlement?

Sex Workers -  A review of services for street-based sex working women in Lambeth

Rough Sleeping - the findings of Shelter's biggest ever consultation (called "Reaching Out") with street homeless people

Routes into London's homelessness services: the experience of A8 nationals

Pathways: the routes of refugees and asylum seekers

‘I Can’: demonstrating soft outcomes for homeless and vulnerable adult learners

Measuring the Impact of Broadway’s Healthy Living Centre for Homeless People

Accommodation for single homeless people: Supply & Demand. Opening up a new route to housing London's homeless.

The impact of social and cultural activities on the health and well-being of homeless people

Give Me Shelter – the role of London’s Winter Shelters for the homeless 2004/05

London's Hostels in the 21st century










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