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Oxford City Outreach

Broadway merged with St Mungo's on 1 April 2014 to form St Mungo's Broadway.

Read all about St Mungo’s Broadway by visiting our new website at www.mungosbroadway.org.uk/services

Further links on this site relate to Broadway's original services and projects. You may view further services run by St Mungo's at our new website www.mungosbroadway.org.uk/services

Helping people make the journey from the streets to a home

Our vision is that no one lives on the streets of Oxford City and no individual arriving on the streets for the first time sleeps out for more than one night.

Broadway’s approach is assertive. This means we are proactive and persistent in our efforts to help people move off the streets. We know the options available for rough sleepers and we are clear that sleeping rough is bad for individuals and communities. Leaving a person sleeping rough will never be the best outcome for them: sleeping rough is dangerous, degrading and de-humanising.

As part of a sustained effort to move people off the streets we work with the Police, mental health professionals, hostel staff, substance misuse services and a host of other agencies; as well as the public.

Broadway finds innovative and creative ways to help people move off from the streets. Even when people are resigned to living on the streets we are there to support, challenge and inspire them to make the journey from street to home.

How we work

The Oxford City Outreach Team is a consistent presence; contacting people living on the streets, addressing needs that are often multiple and complex. We work from early morning until late into the night, in all weathers, exploring city streets and the surrounding countryside to establish contact with rough sleepers. Frequently, we act upon reports provided by members of the public, local businesses and partner agencies.

People sleeping on the streets have diverse needs and we are flexible enough to respond. Our assertive approach is central to building relationships with individuals.

We have a range of options to assist people to leave the streets including housing, detoxification, employment, medical services and the benefits system. Working with partners we can also provide reconnection to other areas and countries, where appropriate. Our access to the No Second Night Out pathway is one solution that means we can assist people with nowhere to go to have a roof over their head quickly and easily.

The team also focuses on those engaged in anti-social behaviour (for example begging, drinking on the streets, using drugs and sex working), enabling them to access appropriate support services and enable the wider community to regain a sense of safety.

Moving off the streets can be very difficult and Broadway’s outreach workers are committed to ensuring that people plan a future to help them stay off the streets

How to contact Oxford City Outreach

Contact us on 01865 244931 or outreach@broadwayoxford.org








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